Monday, July 4, 2011

July 1st, 2011

My last 2 weeks! Fuck yeah! Fuck this place! So that MRSA/abscess in my armpit got worse and since the faggot medical department didn't call me in yet, a cool cop took me in. They started me on antibiotics but didn't lance the fucking thing cuz they were "too busy." Said they'll do it in a few days, WTF!? MRSA can seriously fuck you up if it gets into your blood or bones, fucking people can die from it! Anyway, at shave time, I dismantled my razor and sliced that bitch open myself! Felt so good, instantly the pressure/pain subsided and a bunch of gross pus came out. Guarantee when I go back to the doc. they'll have some smart shit to say - fuck 'em! I can't train hard with that shit all swollen and miserable in my armpit. And I want to get in fight shape ASAP! Oh and I've been on lockdown for a bit cuz that one fag I mentioned last week tried to squirt shit at me when I walked by his cell and then told the Deps. that I did it! Rat bastard! He even told the Dep. he wanted to press charges on me! The deps didn't fall for that shit though. He thinks I'm rich and can sue me or some shit. Anyway, now that I know what a lil' bitch he is, I definitely won't be retaliating when he does fucked up shit to my cell! I'm just gonna sit back, read & relax and get my ass home!

More drama! That dude came to my cell and squirted shit in it! Then when the Deps made him lock it down, he started squirting shit out the side of his door into the dayroom! Made a swamp of shit! LOL! This fool is crazy as fuck! Man, my neighbor just got sentenced to 5 years in prison for stealing a car! Are you serious? No wonder our prison systems are grossly overpopulated. Is there no other way to punish or rehabilitate a 23 year old kid, with a Bachelor's degree, other than jail? Anyway, I don't wanna go off on ANOTHER tangent about how ridiculous this system is. There's a Mexican kid here that I feel bad for. He's real nice and I can tell he only joined his gang to be a part of something, to have friends/family. The other Mexican gang bangers clown on him a lot and take advantage of him, I'unno, it's fucked up though and pisses me off. He gets out a week after me and I hope that he leaves that gang life behind but know he won't, he has nothing else. Depressing. Seeing so many lives wasted every day gets you down. I'm just fortunate to have only wasted one year and learned from it. Not that I'm better than them for "learning," just that I have opportunities, they just don't. If I got out in 2 weeks with no money, no career, and one set of clothes, I'm sure I'd do something dumb and come back too. These guys don't even have a chance. CRAZY! A few hours after I wrote that last sentence someone sent me a book called "An Expensive Way to Make Rad People Worse" by Jens Soering. The book just made me even more disgusted with the American "justice system." I recommend you read it but here are some key state to think about: (stats as of 2001 and now worse!)

4.6% of the world's population lives in the U.S. but 22% of the world's prisoners are in American prisons.

ALL industrialized nations have a crime victimization rate of 21-24%. Japan incarcerates the fewest amount of its citizens at a rate of 45 per 100,000. England is the 2nd highest at 143 per 100,000 while in AMERICA: 715! out of every 100,000 people will go to jail at some point in their lives!

Americans constantly complain of high taxes and having to use their money for welfare but the national average given to each individual on welfare is $13.22 while the national average to house an inmate is $55.18 but people think nothing of sending that poor individual to prison for engaging in criminal activity (to help make ends meet) even though it will cost taxpayers 5 times as much.

Only 6% of state penitentiary funding goes to in-prison rehab programs. It costs $3,500 per inmate, per year for an effective treatment program while it costs an average of $21,000 to house that inmate each year that he returns to prison for the same alcohol, drug, or mental health issues. "House Arrest" costs $4,187 per year and only 20% of those inmates re-offend once their time is up, compared to the 42% that re-offend after prison.

From 1976 to 2001, the U.S. has executed 21 JUVENILE murderers. NO OTHER COUNTRY executed someone who committed a crime as a juvenile in that time! Only TWO countries even have it as an option: Pakistan and Republic of Congo.

From 1990 to 1995 murder coverate on network news channels rose by 336% while the actual national homicide rate fell by 13%!!

Black men made up 21% of new prison inmates in 1926. In 1996, 50%!

1 of 3 Black men are on parole, probation, or in prison. In Washington D.C., ½ of them.

Virginia's population is 7.2 million, Canada's population is 30 million, yet there are TWICE the amount of prisoners in Virginia than in Canada!

The last fact is funny. As I said earlier that ALL industrialized nations have a crime rate of 21-24%... The U.S. is at 21% and Canada at 24% yet just ONE of our states has TWICE the inmates as their entire country!

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